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7 reasons to consider vibration technology for installing monopiles for Offshore Wind Farms

PVE1500M offshore giant1. It shortens pile driving times. Tests show that under suitable soil conditions the vibratory hammer drives down the pile 10 times faster.* Complete the foundation work within short weather windows

2. It brings down installation cost by deploying fewer and more economical tools. The vibro, when fitted with an upending module, can lift a pile from its horizontal storage position, upend, and lift the pile into driving position. The pile is driven into the seabed without the use of a pile gripper or positioning frame. Verticality is maintained with sensors mounted on the vibratory hammer

3. Vibrating reduces pile fatigue and doubles design life to 50 years by introducing less energy into the pile during driving.* It would also allow for mono pile designs with thinner wall thickness, leading to significant material savings and handling cost.

4. Limit piling noise to improve working conditions on the Installation Vessel for the construction team.

5. Changing pile designs and increasing pile diameters call for modular equipment such as a GIANT vibro that can be easily reconfigured to drive piles from 3.5-8.4 meter in diameter.

6. The GIANT innovation is built up from time tested and mature components like the 500M, but in a novel set-up that reduces the complexity of synchronization, and the weight and height of the hammer, while increasing the structural rigidity and the dynamic range of pile diameter the hammer can handle.

7. Independent test results show end bearing and lateral bearing capacity of vibrated piles is within specification.

*Compared to impact driving

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Vibratory pile driving – a serious alternative for offshore foundations

The offshore wind industry is about to start a new chapter. The industry is ready for innovations that drive piles into the seabed faster, cheaper and more carefully. Vibratory pile driving is the keyword.

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The Expert:

Advice & Engineering:
PVE has always had a strong focus on engineering, research and development for vibratory hammer solutions and power packs. Our team is available to investigate new technical and business opportunities and to advise our customers on project specific requirements. We offer a wide range of tailor made solutions and our new products demonstrate our engineering capabilities and achievements. Deck lay-out options and handling activities are to be discussed during project stage in order to determine most efficient combinations.

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Offshore vibratory technology

Compared to hammering, offshore vibrating is more accurate, has lower emission levels and provides a significant time saving. This vibro technology has been developed and improved by Dieseko Group for over 35 years.

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