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Offshore Wind Farms

The offshore wind sector is a promising and challenging market to introduce new foundation techniques. Dieseko Group acknowledged potential of this market approximately 10 years ago and developed and supplied big vibratory hammers and tandems for driving offshore wind farm foundation piles. The foundations and production capabilities of monopiles have taken a lift and recent designs show diameters of 10 metres for future XXL monopiles. Jacket foundations and tripod/quinpod foundations are also being considered for several projects and Dieseko Group has a wide range of PVE vibratory hammers to serve the complete market.

Offshore windmill park
Decommissioning of met mast. More and more projects need to decommission met masts, due to the start of commercial OWF and/or the decision to abandon potential wind farm projects. Our vibratory hammers can be used to extract the complete met mast foundation, without leaving debris on the sea bed as a result of the internal cutting of piles. This application is evolving and offers an economic and ecological solution for utilities.
To date we have vibrated monopiles, jacket foundations and tripod foundations around the world and we are ready for the future.

Accurate positioning wth the 300MU

Benefits of PVE vibratory hammers: 

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